Jiangxi Green Top Biological Technology Co.,Ltd.was located in Ganzhou City ,Jiangxi Province,China. Green Top is one of the professional manufactuer of humic acid products in China.

Green Top’s Scope of Business
Green Top takes 100% natural leonardite &lignite as raw material to produce below quality products:
Humic Acid , Potassium Humate, Potassium Fulvate, Sodium Humate, Sodium Fulvate,etc.

Green Top’s Core Advantages
Technology Advantage
Green Top always works under the guidance of Technology Innovation,from initionally traditional humate prodcuts to the popular potassium fulvate products, which is soluble in hardwater and low PH liquid formulations.

Green Top’s Cost Advantage
Green Top  constantly store the best quality leonardite and lignite for future production of humic acid products to gurantee the cost advantage in final products.