Humic Acid Powder is in black color and insoluble in water itself, it has high content of organic matter and humic acid, and is milled from leonardite or lignite sources.


  • It is the source of water soluble potassium humate, sodium humate,potassium fulvate.
  • It increase the organic matter in organic fertilizer formulations
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humic acid powder

Technical Specifications:

Humic Acid Powder
Model Appearance Size Humic Acid Organic Matter Moisture Water Solubility PH
GZGT-01 Black Powder 70-90mesh 30% 65% 25% Insoluble 5.0-9.0
GZGT-02 40% 70% 28%
GZGT-03 50% 85% 30%
GZGT-04 60% 85% 30%


Packing: 25Kg,50Kg/Paper or Woven Bag, 1000Kg Ton Sacks

Production: 200-300Metric Tons/Day