Humic Acid Balls is in made from humic acid powder and has high content of humic acid and organic matter. It improves the soil condition by application.

Humic Acid Balls has two different sizes:

  • Small Size 1-2mm
  • Big Size 2-4mm
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humic acid balls

Technical Specifications:

Humic Acid Balls
Model Appearance Size Humic Acid Organic Matter Moisture Water Solubility PH
GZGT-05 Black Balls 1-2mm     2-4mm 30% 60% 25% Insoluble 4.0-5.0
GZGT-06 40% 75% 25%
GZGT-07 50% 80% 25%
GZGT-08 60% 90% 25%



Packing: 25Kg,50Kg Paper/Woven Bags, 1000Kg Tons Sacks

Production: 50Metric Ton/Day

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