Sodium Humate Crystals is black irregular shape and slow-released water soluble humate crystals.

  1. Sodium Humate Shiny Crystals has high content of humic acid but low production
  2. Sodium Humate Crystals not looks shiny but production is higher.
  3. Sizes contrable between 1-2mm,2-4mm.
Sodium Humate Crystals
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Technical Specifications:

Sodium Humate Crystals
Model Appearance Size Humic Acid            (Dry Basis) Water Solubility Moisture PH
GZGT-34 Black Granules 1-2mm                         2-4mm 50-60% 85% 15% 9.0-11.0
GZGT-35 60-70% 90%

Packing: 10Kg,25Kg
Productions: 3500-1000Metric Tons/Year