The Size of the Humate Flake, Big or Small?

Customers seeking humate products by different qualities. Except for High HA content,Low Moisture Content and Excellent Water Solubility. Many customers have special requirements on the appearance of the humate flakes.

Below is some questions we frequently come across when selling humate flakes to customers.

Question 1: Why it is big flakes? Is all small flakes from Leonardite?

To satisfy differnt market demanding.Some customers prefer ,they do not need small flakes(1-3mm).

3-6mm(Big flake)made from lignite, but can break into 1-3mm by machine.

1-3mm(Small flake) made from leonarite originally, or breaking from lignite sourced big flakes.

Question 2:Does all flakes shinny ones?

The answer is NO.

Shinny or not depends on:

Quality of the raw HA+ High Tech Processing

Question 3: What is the difference of Humate between Leonardite and Lignite sourced?

Condition on high quality flakes only:

Small flakes (If from leonardite): HA > Big flakes (from lignite)

Small flakes (If from leonardite): FA < Big flakes (from lignite)